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Do you have pain on the back or outside of your foot?

One of the less common injuries we will look at today, is Peroneal tendinitis. Peroneal Tendinitis causes pain around the back and the outside of the foot. Your peroneal muscles are those running along the outer part of your lower leg and they are responsible for pointing your foot down and turning your foot out. These muscles also help to stabilize your arches while you are standing or walking. This is a common overuse injury occurring mostly in runners.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Pain and swelling around the back and outside of the foot and sometimes the pain can even extend to the sole of your foot.
  • Ankle instability/popping sensation when standing or walking
  • Gradual increase in pain with activity
  • Pain when turning the foot in or out
  • Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Stretching exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Mobilization/manipulations
  • Proprioception/Balance exercises
  • Bracing/Taping
  • Massage, frictions
  • Ultrasound therapy or extracorporeal shockwave therapy


  • Wear appropriate footwear that properly supports the foot and ankle.
  • Improve/Maintain the flexibility of your ankle and foot
  • Increase training workload gradually.
  • Improve your balance and proprioception