Vestibular Rehabilitation

At Swords physiotherapy we have post graduate training in the field of vestibular rehabilitation. This is exercise based treatment sometimes along with repositioning maneuvers to resolve balance and dizziness symptoms.

Patients with vestibular problems can complain of vertigo, dizziness, blurred vision [with head movement], motion sensitivity, balance impairment, gait impairment [unsteadiness walking], anxiety, nausea and occasional vomiting.

Vestibular[ balance and dizziness] disorders affect 30% of people at some stage of their life. THis increases their risk of falling significantly. As dizziness can be caused by medical problems such as unstable blood pressure, heart disease and neurological disease it is important to be sen by your G.P. before coming for physiotherapy for vestibular rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy will involve assessment of the vestibular/balance system using specific positions and movements of the head and body . The aim is to retrain the vestibular system to decrease the patients symptoms. Physiotherapy may involve education,Home exercises for the head/neck and eyes, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.


Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo B.P.P.V

This is the most common vestibular disorder that we treat at Swords Physiotherapy. It is a mechanical problem in the inner ear caused by calcium crystals floating in the semi circular canals. It causes dizziness with changes of head position [ such as getting out of bed]which can last from a few seconds up to a minute.Patients often describe the sensation of ” the room spinning”.

At Swords physiotherapy we can assess and treat BPPV using specific tests. Patients can feel slightly off balance for a day or 2 after the first physiotherapy session. We recommend that out patients with this condition do not drive home after treatment. Patients with BPPV are advised avoiding lying flat or moving their head suddenly for a few hours after treatment. A home exercise program will be prescribed and is an important part of rehabilitation.

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