Physiotherapy & Computer
Use in the Home Leaflet

Computers are now being used by many people in their homes. Poor postures when using your home PC may lead to discomfort. The information in this leaflet will help you to set-up your PC at home and prevent aches and pains.


Physiotherapy & Care of Your Neck Leaflet

Neck pain is a very common occurrence affecting 10-15% of the population at any one point in time. Physiotherapy including exercise and manipulation/mobilization techniques has been shown to be effective in aiding recovery. We are seeing increasing numbers of patients with computer related neck pain.


Physiotherapy Sports Injury & Recovery Leaflet

Most sports injuries can be effectively treated or prevented by your Chartered Physiotherapist, enabling you to return to your sport as soon as possible. Our Chartered Physiotherapists have additional postgraduate qualifications and experience in the sports medicine field. This leaflet gives guidelines on P.R.I.C.E. [pressure, rest, ice, compression and elevation guidelines]


Pelvic Floor Exercise Booklet

A Leaflet by Tirim and Pfizer in conjunction with ISCP Members, Cinny Cusack MISCP, TIRIM BOARD MEMBER, CPWHC GROUP and Maeve Whelan BA MISCP TIRIM BOARD MEMBER, CPWHC GROUP. Includes bladder diary- input/output.


Tummy Time Leaflet

Tummy Time is an important activity to promote a baby’s development and should become part of each baby’s daily routine.


Physiotherapy & Back Care for Children

Children, like adults can suffer from back pain. School bags and heavy books are a cause for concern for many parents and children. This leaflet provides information for teachers and parents.


Healthy Eating Leaflet

Eat well, play well and be fit! If the amount of energy (food) that you take into your body is greater than the amount used (through activity), an imbalance occurs which can lead to weight-gain. Although everybody is a different shape and size, being unfit or overweight can cause health problems for your heart, lungs and points and can also make you unhappy.


Physiotherapy and your Heart and Lungs

Heart and lung problems occur in all age groups for a variety of different reasons. Many of these problems can benefit from the advice of a Chartered Physiotherapist.


Bone Health & Physiotherapy Leaflet

Timely Physiotherapy intervention will substantially reduce the impact Osteopenia / Osteoporosis and the consequences of low-trauma / fragility fractures in all age-groups.


Physiotherapy & Fitness

Fitness means having enough energy all the time to do what you want to do. Your Chartered Physiotherapist can help you to choose the right activity to suit your needs, prescribe exercises to strengthen your weak areas and plan your exercise routine.


ISCP Marathon Preparation Information Leaflet

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) is providing the following information to assist you in preparing for race day and to advise you on post race recovery and injury prevention.


ISCP Post Race Recovery Information Leaflet

The ISCP is providing the following information to advise you on post race recovery and injury prevention. This is particularly helpful for middle and long distance runners and novices.


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