Dry Needling

This is a very successful physiotherapy treatment for muscle knots [known medically as myofascial trigger points].The physiotherapist uses fine needles without any medication and inserts them into the dysfunctional muscle.No drug is used/ injected. Unlike acupuncture it is a western medical technique based on the work of American doctors Travell and Simmons who were experts in the field of myofascial pain.

The majority of conditions presenting at Swords physiotherapy will have an element of muscle dysfunction. Where muscle knots are palpable the therapist may suggest myofascial dry needling as a treatment option.

Dry needling works by changing the way your body feels pain and by helping the body heal trigger points. Myofascial trigger points are tender nodules within taut bands of muscle. Normal muscle does not contain taut bands which feel hard but feels soft and elastic.  There are electrical and biochemical changes associated with dry needling that assist in the healing process. It is important to see the dry needling as just one part of your rehabilitation at swords physiotherapy. It is not a miracle cure – just a part of physiotherapy which assists faulty muscles to recover. It is vital that you do the exercises prescribed by your Chartered Physiotherapist and these in conjunction with the dry needling optimize recovery. Stretching the muscles after treatment is extremely helpful. This treatment is very helpful for painful muscles. However to prevent the pain recurring postural changes may need to be made. Faulty sporting techniques would also need to be addressed.

Your physiotherapist has attended post graduate training in dry needling therapy. From training in university and clinical experience she has an excellent knowledge of muscle anatomy and function.

The appropriate size and length of needle will be selected for your condition. You will feel a small pinprick often followed by a muscle twitch or ache. These are normal sensations and mean that the correct target point ,within the muscle, has been located and that you will get good symptom relief from the procedure.

There is very little risk involved with the technique when preformed by a trained Chartered physiotherapist.Charted physiotherapists are experts in treating all aspects of muscle dysfunction. You may have a little bruising around the needle site. On rare occasions patients may feel happy, tearful, sweaty, cold or faint. These side effects all disappear quickly.

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Lifestyle Management

The aim will be to get the patient self managing their condition as soon as possible. The home exercise regime is a very important part of treatment and will be reviewed on each physiotherapy session. To prevent the neck pain recurring the patient will need to maintain good postural habits.

In cases of chronic pain the physiotherapist will liaise closely with the patients G.P. or consultant to ensure optimum care. In this group of patients lifestyle management will be discussed and advise on general fitness will be given. Correct home and work place ergonomics will be advised.

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